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"How can job-seeking individuals in the Swedish labor market be motivated to share their personal data between digital services to make it easier to communicate with the labor market and its various stakeholders? The solution must be simple and sustainable for the public and private sector."

Questions we had:

  • Can we increase the confidence of people who already have negative experiences?
  • Can we produce a sufficiently strong basis that can influence how AF supports jobseekers? We challenged ourselves to see if we could get some gamification in as well.


Was that people won't want to share their data because they don't trust the Employment Service. We saw that it is important that the service is modern and creates value for users, otherwise trust will not increase. The entire service should also be improved while creating functions for data sharing.Our long-term goal is:"In two years, trust has increased because the Employment Service supports the jobseekers throughout the journey from unemployed to the new working life".And that is the target picture we started from when we worked out our solution.

Förtroendebarometer KANTAR Sifo 2020

Here you can see that AF is the authority that people trust the least.

Arbetsförmedlingen / Jobtech

Find a way to motivate job seekers to share their personal data to facilitate communication with the labor market.


Most of our research involved examining the negativity surrounding the Employment Service among the general public and what caused it. We read scientific reports, articles, scanned social media and had interviews with people who had experience with the Employment Agency. We also researched other job sites to see what services they offered that the Employment Agency did not have. The research was the basis for the continued work with empathy maps, user journeys , concept sketches etc. to develop our solution.


We worked in a customized Google design sprint because it is a method that we have worked a lot with and gives quick results. We chose to add other tools such as empathy maps, which gave us a great understanding of the problems. Empathy maps were made because we wanted to empathize with the target group, but also to bring out so-called "pains" and "gains" that the target group might have. This gave us insights into what we need to improve for the user. We compiled four empathy maps into one.


We sketched sketches and selected the most interesting. Then we created Low fidelity prototypes in Figma.

  • Concept prototype: We concept tested 3 solutions in a low-fy prototype to see what provided the most value for users.
  • Create profile: We tried to streamline how to add your personal information to the application process.We chose not to go ahead with the profile because we received some negative feedback on that concept.
  • Dashboard: We tested the dashboard as a tool for users to get an overview of their job search. We got the best feedback on that part. Because the test subjects thought it would motivate them more in the job search process. We went ahead with that part.
  • The mood tracker: We tested whether we could help the Employment Service to create more trust in the jobseekers by helping the jobseekers with their well-being.The test persons liked that there was a focus on well-being. Because it can affect when looking for work. We went ahead with that part.


We assembled the dashboard and the mood tracker into a clickable High fidelity prototype. We also added how it looks when managing the data sharing permission.



We took the opportunity to test a concept that we call fair recruitment, which means that the recruiter does not get access to name, gender and age until later in the process. Overall, we received very positive feedback. Several test subjects said that they would rather choose employers who made such recruitments because it says a lot about what the workplace itself is like.


A gamified solution where users can connect their mood with the job search process. Where the user can also have direct contact with the employment agency.

Date: May 2021-June 2021

Custumer: Arbetsförmedlingen/ Jobtech

My roles: Ux designer, decider, tester and prototyper.

"En jättefin justering av AF:s upplägg! Pedagogisk presentation också."

Marjan Dolat,


"Jag gillar egentligen ALLT med ert arbete. Ert arbete är en av två favoriter denna omgång. Ni presenterar ett grymt välstrukturerat och tydligt arbete, med en tydlig process och genomtänkt, genomarbetat och genomprofessionellt!

Fina rekommendationer! My work here is done!"

Jan Bidner,

Changemaker Educations

"Kul med rättvis förmedling. Det har vi varit inne på och det här är användbar. Kontrollpanelen. Ni är inne på nåt intressant med moodtrackern."

Jonas Söderstöm,