MAC- Make a change

Make A Change is an app that gives you concrete suggestions for simple lifestyle changes you can make. We have created a digital platform that will motivate and help people make better decisions regarding the environment.


The challenge for the team was to find a common tool for a diverse and broad target group, ages 15-60, where they can explore the complex problems in sustainability and gain more understanding of how we can live more environmentally friendly. Within the target group, there are different needs and how they absorb information differs from each other.

Our solution will not be comprehensive, but rather a service, which gives users anchorage when exploring about sustainability.As a UX designer, I worked agile together with the team in sprints. Based on a requirements specification, we broke down the requirements into epics, user stories and tasks. I then worked on prioritizing the backlog together with the customer and project manager.Based on user stories, I produced wireframes and user flows. I presented these to the lead developer and our architect and then took it further for presentation and approval by the client. After approval, I presented these flows and wireframes to the team and then handed over to developers.

As the service is primarily used in mobile phones, the majority of wireframes have been made for that format.

  • We did research with a focus on sustainability and the environment.
  • The final product was a gamified solution where users can learn more about the environment in a simple and fun way.

Roles: UX/UI designer: researcher,interviewer,tester and prototyper

Time: 6 weeks

Tools: Figma, Mir